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Boyle, Ruth M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin magazine
Vol. XIII, Number 6 (March 1916)

Ketcham, Iva N.
The land of dreams,   pp. Thirty-eight-Fifty-six ff.

Page Thirty-eight

of the teaching and the response of the
students. It is almost surprising even
to an old abolitionist like myself to find
colored men teaching even the sciences
in such splendid wise.
  You asked me to write about Lin-
coln. I must postpone that for a little
while, but I think I am telling you even
now of the continuing achievement of
my old friend Abraham Lincoln. If he
were still here he would be interested
beyond measure in Fisk iUnliversity,
and advocating its interests. For he
would believe, as I do, that the educa-
tion that Fish is giving the colored peo-
ple is the real solution of the Negro
problem because it is the process by
which the emancipation of the minds
and souls of the race is made possible.
Would he were here to tell the nation
what they might do to multiply this
splendid work!
       Very truly yours,
                  Amy D. Winship.
What hills, and vales andspires, are those
That rise above the purple plain,
Where golden skies and low-hung cloud
Can never fade or mist with rain?
What land so steeped in hazy light
That fairer with each sunset grows-
A paradise, so near, so far,
All flushed with tints of pearl and rose?
There, music thrills the scented air,
And fruits hang ripe in gardens old;
There, wondrous blossoms wave and bloom
Yet wither not in death nor cold.
A shimmering stream with tiny waves
Flows ever toward a sunlit sea;
And wafted on by yearning prayers
The glowing ship of Hope sails free.
Upon its prow a maiden kneels,
The love-wreath in her fairy hand,
And smiles a dim, sweet smile that bids
All men to seek her mystic land.
Her eyes are like the sun-kissed sea,
With lights half-veiled as though asleep;
Her tender voice calls sweet and low
And fills the soul with rapture deep.
But, far away those blue hills shine
Where faint the long lost rainbow gleams;
All men may seek, but few shall find
The far-off, golden land of dreams.
                                    -Iva N. Ketcham, '17

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