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Braley, Berton (ed.) / The Wisconsin literary magazine
Vol. II, No. 5 (February 1905)

A Plebeian result,   p. 196

Page 196

              A PLEBEIAN RESULT
   "The Kid," squat, flat-footed, heavy-jawed, a typical
tough, came into the ring and shook hands with the lithe
tall fellow whom he was to fight. "The Kid" sized up his
man rather contemptuously and swaggered back to his cor-
  Outside the ring a bunch of college fellows were betting
all their spare and borrowed cash on their fellow student
who sat in the corner opposite "The Kid," and every bet
was being covered instantly by some one of the gentlemen
in blatant checks and stripes, who made up "The Kid's"
backers. There was nothing patrician or refined about these
men - they were as plebeian and thick-necked as their
  The gong struck. There was a bit of slow and amateur
sparring at first, the crowd yelled "Rotten, hit it up, " and
the fighters grew more skillful and active. The college man
did some marvelous footwork, he seemed a better boxer than
the Kid, yet none of his blows pierced the slow and seem-
ingly clumsy defense of the professional.
             Then something happened. "The Kid" left a
beautiful opening and the college man shot out a swift arm;
the next instant a couple of seconds ran out with sponges, as
the gong rang. The Kid swaggered to his corner with a
Bowery grin.
  The moment's intermission passed and the gong rang for
the start of the second round-but the college man lay limp
and flaccid in his chair.
              *       *        *       *
  Mr. Jack Stranton was unable to attend classes for some
time on account of a broken jaw. Mr. Stranton tells his
friends that he intends to sell his horse; it is, he claims, far
too vicious a kicker.

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