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Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake

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Galeotto—Itahian form of Galehoult, who in Old French romances brings
together Lancelot and Guinevere (q.q.v.), hence a pander—see Ruffiam.Inferno,
V, 137: "A Galeotto was the book and he who wrote it." +251.25—with
Galileo, Lily (q.q.v.). 
Galileo (1564-1642)—Italian astronomer. +251.25—with Galeotto
(q.v.); 583.8. 
Gall, Franz Joseph (1758—1828)—Austrian founder of phrenology.
Some of the many "gall" may refer to St Gall, an Irish missionary who founded
a Swiss monastery. 364.15; 510.16. 
Gallagher—Lord Mayor (q.v.) of Dublin (q.v.). +540.23—with Christ
Gallaghers, Betty—two moons, for gealach is Irish "moon, moonlight."
The reference takes in Elizabeth I (q.v.), a moon goddess. Elizabeth II?
?8.25; 90.10; 256.35,36 (butter. . . Gaylegs 
Galbocks); 502.14; 52429. 
Gallants, Two—Lemehan and Corbey (see Dubliners). 187.12—13;
283.16-17; 322.3; ?502.10. 
*Gallawghursl can't fit in Ignatius Gallaher of"A Little Cloud" (see Nuvoletta,
Dubliners). 8.25. 
*Galloper Troppler, 48.15. 
*Gallus_vanous prominent Romans. Latin for "domestic cock." 14.20; 256.2;
Gallus—Brewer (q.v.) says he died while kissing his wife's hand. 377.21.
Gallus and Magnus, Sts—conmected with the abbey of St Gall (q.v.) where
they keep facsimiles. See Pappagablus. 
Galway—sometimes indicates Nora Joyce (q.v.). 
Galway, Warden of—see Lynch. 
Gama, Vasco da(1469—1524)—Portuguese navigator. 512.15. 
Gambrinus, Gaudio—Fbemish king, credited with brewing the first beer.
*Gamellaxanksky, Abdullah—garnrnellax = Norwegian "old salmon" (q.v.).
See also Abdullah? 34.2—3. 
Gamp, Sairy—midwife in Martin Chuzzlewit. She carried a barge umbrella,
so midwives and umbrellas are called "gamps." 57.23; 449.14. 
*Gamuels_Samuel? Norwegian gammel, old? 318.22. 
Gamut—see Rainbow. 
Gandhi, Mohandas (1869—1948)—Hindu leader, assassinated. 276.17;
Gandon, James— 18th-century Dublin ar 
chitect, designed the Custom House and the Four Courts (both burned), and
the east front of the Parliament house. 
Ganymede—beautiful youth who was carried off by an eagle and became
a cup-bearer on Olympus. Name assumed by Rosahind (q.v.) in As You Like It.
269.18; 583.11. 
Garcielasso—see Vega. 
Gardener, Gardiner—usually refers to Adam (q.v.). Molly Bloom (q.v.)
sang at the Gardimer Street church in Dublin (Ulysses, 569). Somewhere, I
suppose, is Molly's sweetheart, Lieutenant Stanley 
G. Gardner, killed in the Boer War. When he went to war, Molly gave him the
claddagh ring (?464.24) that Mulvey had given her—the Cressid touch.
Mr Mink points out that Gardiner Street and Gardiner's Mall (547.18) are
named for Luke Gardiner(d. 1775), who laid out much of N.E. Dublin. 
Gargantua—Rabehais's (q.v.) giant hero. 
Garrick, David (1717—79)—English actor. 55.35; 134.11 (see Rick
Dave Barry). 
Gamy—Jerry, Garryowen (q.q.v.) 215.3. 
*GalTymore_Jen.y (q.v.)? Barrymore? 
Garryowen—phace in Griffin's (q.v.) novel, The Collegians. Griffin
says it means "Owen's little garden" and is "almost a synonym for Ireland."
There is also "Garryowen," an Irish song, used by the 7th Cavalry, played
at Custer's last stand. Garryowen is a poet and dog, set on Bloom (q.v.)
in "Cyclops" (q.v.). The Irish set hounds (q.v.). . . +215.3—with ?Jerry
(q.v.); +372.28—with Corry (q.v.); +588.2—3—with Carr (q.v.).
*Garterd, Miss—Gertrude Stein (q.v.)? 
*Ga~on Titubante of Tegmine-subFagi—made-up name for HCE (q.v.). Titubante
means "reeling with drink." Tegrnine-sub-Fagi plays with the first line of
Virgil's (q.v.) first ecbogue, sub tegmine fagi. 403.8—9. 
Gaspey, Otto, Sauer—Edmund Wilson 
mentions these as German publishers of 
a teach-yourself-foreign-language series 
under the editorship of Pietro Motti 
(?485.3), Knight of the Crown of Italy. 
Gatling, R. J.—American inventor of a machine gun which by 1870 was
adopted by nearly every civilized country. 246.21; 377.6. 

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