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Scholes, Robert; Kain, Richard M. (ed.) / The workshop of Daedalus

Section 6: the Trieste notebook,   pp. 92-105 PDF (615.0 KB)

Page 93

  93PART I 
Manuscript Materials 
The Trieste Notebook 
 He said that I was reared in the lap of luxury [P 284/241] 
 He did not think that Nicholas Nickleby was true to life. 
 He is exhausted. [P 293/248] 
 He calls a clock a wag-by-the-wall and Yeats a go-by-the-wall. 
[P 235/201] 
Cosgrave (Vincent) [Lynch in P] 
 His laugh is like the whinny of an elephant. His trunk shakes all over and
he rubs his hands delightedly over his groins. [P 235, 
240/201, 205] 
 His hands are usually in his trousers' pockets. They were in his trousers'
pockets when I was knocked down on S. Stephen's Green. [Cf. Lynch's desertion
of Stephen in Nighttown in U.] 
Under his headgear he brought up the image of a hooded 
-repti1@~ The long slender flattened skull under his cap brought up the image
of a hooded reptile: the eyes, too, were reptilian in glint and gaze but
with one human point, a tiny window of a shrivelled soul, poignant and embittered.
[P 240/205—06] 
 He is a self-consumer. 
 He ate dried cowdung. [P 240/205] 
Clancy (George Stephen) [Madden in SH, Davin in P] 
 There is a stare of terror in his eyes [P 210/180] 
 He sat at the feet of Michael Cusack the Gad who hailed him as citizen.
[P 210/180; Michael Cusack is "The Citizen" of Ulysses] 
 Chance did not bring us face to face on either of my visits to Ireland.
I wonder where he is at the present time. I don't know is he alive still.
 His use of "whatever". 
 It is equal to him 
 He wore a swanskin gansy. 

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