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Scholes, Robert; Kain, Richard M. (ed.) / The workshop of Daedalus

Section 7: fragments from a late "portrait" manuscript,   pp. 106-108 PDF (178.2 KB)

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Section 7106 
Fragments from a Late Portrait" Manuscript 
 The following two fragments were given by Sylvia Beach to Joyce's patron
Harriet Weaver in 1939. They are on five sheets of 21 by 17 cm. paper, like
that used for the Stephen Hero manuscript, but the use of the spelling "Dedalus"
in the larger fragment indicates that it, at least, postdates that manuscript.
The fact that the smaller fragment is very close to the final text of that
passage in A Portrait indicates that it, also, is a late version, though
the comparable section of Stephen Hero is lacking for comparison. These fragments
were first published by Walton Litz, in his book The Art of James Joyce (London,
1961), with some useful commentary which will not be duplicated here. (See
Appendix B of Mr. Litz's book. Note that he regards as a separate fragment
one full MS page which has here been placed at the head of fragment 2 because
of its apparent narrative continuity.) 
 Fragment 1 is the conclusion to the Christmas dinner episode of A Portrait
virtually in finished form. (In fact, there is strong evidence that this
is a missing leaf from the fair-copy MS now in Dublin's National Library.)
Fragment 2 indicates that Joyce's intention in A Portrait was to have Stephen's
departure into exile be the result of his expulsion from the Martello Tower
by the Gogarty-figure called Doherty in this fragment and in the Pola notebook
but Mulligan in Ulysses. (See Part II, Section 7 below for Stanislaus Joyce's
version of the tower incident; see JJ 2 12—15 for Joyce's intentions
and the full text of the "Song of the Cheerful (but slightly sarcastic) Jesus,"
referred to as the "Ballad of Joking Jesus" in Ulysses.) Doherty's mystery
play about heaven is apparently referred to in the Pola notebook as "Dr Doherty
and the Holy City" (see Part I, Section 5 above). 
 Fragment 1 should be compared to P 41/39. The changes observable are probably
compositorial, not corrections by Joyce. Fragment 2 is related to SH 121,
135; to U 5—9, 20—21, 40, 214, 427, 576, and 604/3—7, 19,
39, 216—17, 434, 591, and 620. 

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