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Joyce, James / A first-draft version of Finnegans wake

I, i,   pp. 46-61 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 46

I, i 
MS 47482 a, 83 
FW 3 
MS 47482 a, 84 
MS 47482 a, 85 
46 1 The word "is" was repeated by error.2 Sic. 
brings us to 
Howth Castle & Environs! Sir Tristram, viola d'amores, had not encore
passencore arrived rearrived on a merry isthmus from North Armorica to wielder
fight his peninsular war, nor stones sham rocks by the Oconee exaggerated
exaggerated* theirselves* themselse in to Laurens county, Ga, doubling all
the time, nor a voice redfflr~e* from afire ~nswered bellowsed mishe mishe3
chishe to tufftuff thouartpatriok thouartpeatrick. Not yet though venisoon
after had a kidson3 kidscadet buttended an a bland old isaac not yet &
all's fair in vanessy, had were twin sosie 
sesthers played—siege to wroth with twone Jonathan jonathan. Not Rot
a peck of pa's malt had Slucun Hem Jhem and or Son Sen brewed by arclight
& had worse Moody rory kirk end to the regginbr-ew regginbrow was to
be seen on ringsun ringsome the waterface. 
 The story tale of the fall is' retailed early in bed and later in life throughout
most christian minstrelsy. The great fall of the wall at once entailed at
such short notice the fall of Finnigan, the solid man, and that § the
humpty hill hillhead himself promptly prumptly sends an inquiring unquiring
one well to the west in quest of his tumptytumtoes. Two facts have come down
to us Their resting The upturnpikepoint 
for place is at the knock out in the park where there have always been 20
oranges on laid on the green always ever & ever- evermore since the 
Devlin Devlins first loved l4ffey livy. ~ What cIra* clashes of wills &
wits were not here & there abouts! What chance cuddleys, what castles
aired & ventilated, what biddymetolives sinduced by what egosetabsolvers
tegotetabsolvers, what true feeling for hay hair with false voice §
of haycup jr-i jiccup, what rorycrucians* rosycrucians byelected by rival
contested of simily emilies! But And2 0 here how has sprawled upon the dust
the father of fornications f.ornicationers fornicationists but 0, my shining
stars & body, how has finespanned in high heaven the skysign of 
soft advertisement. Was Wasis? Isot! Ere we were sure? The oaks 30 of old
mayt hey rest rust in peat. Elms leap where ashes lay. Till nevernever may
our pharce be phoenished! § 

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