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Scholes, Robert; Kain, Richard M. (ed.) / The workshop of Daedalus

Section 6: the Trieste notebook,   pp. 92-105 PDF (615.0 KB)

Page 92

Section 692 
The Trieste Notebook 
 This alphabetical notebook postdates the completion of Stephen Hero. Most
of the entries in it seem to have been made between 1907, when Stephen Hero
was abandoned, and 1909, when Joyce visited Ireland and recorded the details
of Michael Healy's room. It represents to a considerable extent a regathering
of materials for A Portrait. The materials on J. F. Byrne in the Pola notebook
were used in Stephen Hero. The materials on Byrne in the Trieste notebook
were used in A Portrait. As late as the composition of Ulysses, Joyce found
some of the entries in this diary useful, such as those on his parents and
on Oliver Gogarty. Joyce's subsequent uses of this material have been noted
in brackets after each notebook entry. The manuscript of this notebook is
at Cornell. 
Byrne (John Francis) [Cranly in P] 
 He hears confessions without giving absolution: a guilty priest. [P 207/178]
 His silence means that he has an answer to what puzzles me. 
 His speech has neither the rare phrases of Elizabethan English nor the quaintly
turned versions of Irish idioms which I have heard with Clancy. I hear in
its drawl an echo of the Dublin quays, given back by the decaying seaport
from which he comes, and in its energy an echo of the flat emphasis of Wicklow
pulpits. [P 228/195] 
 He asked me if I would deflower a virgin. [P 291/246] 
 He has one epitaph for all dead friendships: A Sugar. 
[P 228/195] 
 He spoke to me as: my dear man. [P 281 if./239 if.] 
 On the steps of the National Library he dislodged an old figseed from a
rotten tooth. [P 270—77/230—36] 

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