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um prep / adv

A. prep (acc)
1. (varandi) about, concerning
~ hva ertu a tala?
what are you talking about?
spurning ~ peninga
a question of money
2. (um hreyfingu/of movement) through, around, across
in rennur ~ dalinn
the river runs through the valley
hn fr t ~ gluggann
she went out through the window
sl hring ~ e-n
form a circle around sby
vestur ~ haf
west across the sea
ganga ~ glf
walk up and down the floor, pace the floor
ganga ~ gtur bjarins
walk around the streets of the town
eir fru ~ ingvelli
they went by way of .
3. (um sta/of place) throughout, over, around
~ alla sveitina
throughout the district
va ~ land
all over the country
breiur ~ herar
broad across the shoulders
hafa klt ~ hlsinn
have a scarf around one's neck
4. (um tma/of time) during, for, in, at
etta gerist ~ sumari
this happened during the summer
~ nttina
during the night
~ tma, ~ stundarsakir
for a while
~ nokkur r
for several years
~ hausti '79
in the autumn of '79
~ a leyti
at about that time
~ ramt
at the turn of the year
~ morguninn
in the morning, in the course of the morning
kl. tta ~ morguninn
at eight in the morning
~ daginn
the other day
hrna ~ morguninn
one morning a few days ago
5. ( nmunda vi, nrri) approximately
~ eitt kl
about one kilo
hr ~ bil
maur ~ rtugt
a man about thirty years old
6. (me tilliti til/in relation to, by)
hn lktist honum ~ margt
she resembled him in many ways
fru blinn ~ tvo metra
move the car two meters/(UK) metres
a er lti ~ snj vetur
there is little snow this winter
7. phrases
~ lei
straight away
~ lei og
as soon as, at the same time as
lttu mig ~ a
leave that to me
hver ~ sig
each one of them, each in turn, each one on his/her own
~ of
too much
B. adv
a er ~ a gera a . . .
the important thing is to . . .
hva er ~ a vera?
what's going on?
eins og ~ var tala
as was agreed
mr er ~ og
I don't like the look of this, I'm worried

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