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set/ja v (acc) ( -ti, -t)

1. (lta) put, place
~~ sig hattinn
put on one's hat
~~ bkina bori
put the book on the table
2. (fast~~ ) decide, fix, determine
~~ e-m rslitakosti
give sby an ultimatum
~~ sr e-
determine to do sth
~~ lg
pass a law
3. (opna formlega) open
~~ fund
open a meeting
4. (gera r fyrir) suppose
ef vi ~jum svo a . . .
if we suppose that . . .
5. (prent~~ ) typeset
6. impers
vi skulum sj hva ~ur
let's see what happens
mig ~ti hljan
I couldn't speak
7. refl sit down
~~st upp
sit up
~~st a e-s staar
settle down somewhere
~~st upp hj e-m
install oneself in sby's house
8. pp
vera vel/illa ~tur
be well/badly off
9. phrases
~~ e- stofn
found sth, establish sth
~~ e- sig
memorize sth
~~ e-n hfui
make sby go bankrupt
~~ e- laggirnar
start sth off
~~ e- a vei
stake sth
a ~ur a honum
he feels chilly
a ~ti a honum grt
he started crying
~~ e-n af
dismiss sby
~~ fram bt
launch a boat
~~ sig r fri me e-
lose an opportunity
~~ e- fyrir sig
have scruples about sth, see sth as an obstacle
~~ e-m e- fyrir
give sby a task
~~ e-m stlinn fyrir dyrnar
put an obstacle in sby's path
~~ e-n hj
pass sby over
~~ e-n embtti
appoint sby temporarily to a post
~~ fisk
get a fish on the hook
~~ inn
~~ e-n inn
put sby in prison
~~ e- saman
put sth together, assemble sth
~~ saman bk
write a book
~~ upp ver
demand a price
~~ upp knun
charge a fee
~~ upp hfu
put on a cap
~~ upp htarsvip
look self-important, put on airs
~~ upp leikrit
produce a play
~~ t e-
criticize sth, find fault with sth
~~ sig t til a gera e-
seize every opportunity to do sth
~~ e-n yfir e-
put sby in charge of sth

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