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segja v (acc/dat) ( sagi, sagt)

A. (acc)
1. (mla) say
a er hgara sagt en gert
it is easier said than done
2. ( spilum) bid
g segi rj lauf
I bid three clubs
B. (dat+acc)
1. (segja fr) tell
~ (e-m) sannleikann
tell (sby) the truth
~ (e-m) sgu
tell (sby) a story
2. (skipa) tell, order
g sagi honum a gera a
I told him to do it
3. (lsa yfir) declare
~ e-m str hendur
declare war on sby
~ starfi snu lausu
resign one's job
C. pp
hann er sagur rkur
he is said to be rich
D. impers
sgunni segir fr tveim brrum
the story tells of two brothers
mr segir ungt hugur um a
I have dark forebodings about that
E. refl
~st vera
say that one is
hn sagist vera reytt
she said she was tired
hann sagist tla a koma
he said he would come
F. phrases
~ af sr
~ af ea um e-
say yes or no about sth
hafa af e-m a ~
know sby from experience
~ fr e-u
give an account of sth
~ fr
(flytja frsgn) narrate, tell a story       (kjafta fr) tell on sby, spill the beans
~ e- fyrir
predict sth
~ fyrir um e-
give instructions about sth
~ fyrir verkum
give orders
~ sig flokk
join a party
~ til um e-
give the word about sth
segu til!
say when!
~ e-m til
give sby instruction
~ e-m til vegar
give sby directions
~ e-m til syndanna
give sby a thorough talking to
~ til e-rs
reveal sby's whereabouts
~ til sn
identify oneself
e- segir til sn
sth has an effect
~ upp starfi
give notice
~ upp hsni
give notice to terminate a lease
~ e-m undan og ofan af e-u
tell sby the gist of sth
~ upp blai
discontinue a newspaper subscription
~ upp starfsmanni
fire a worker
~ upp stu
~ e-m upp
break off with sby, fire sby
~ sig r flagi
resign from a society
~ e- vi e-n
say sth to sby
hafa yfir e-m a ~
have authority over sby

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