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leggja v (acc/dat) ( lagi, lagt)

A. (acc)
1. (lta) lay, put
~ sig
lie down, take a nap
leggu bkina bori
put the book on the table
2. (byggja) build
~ veg
build a road
~ gar
build a wall
3. (stinga) thrust, jab
~ e-n gegn
run sby through
B. (dat) park
~ blnum
park the car
C. impers
tjrnina lagi
the lake froze over
reykinn lagi um hsi
the smoke filled the house
D. refl lie down
E. phrases
~ /af sta
set off
~ e- e-n
put a spell on sby
~ hatur e-n
hate sby
~ hendur e-n
manhandle sby
~ miki sig
exert oneself
~ herslu e-
emphasize sth
~ vru
mark up the price of a commodity
~ a e-m a gera e-
urge sby to do sth
~ e- a vei
risk sth
~ e-n a velli
get the better of sby
~ af
lose weight
~ e- af
stop doing sth
~ e- af mrkum
make a contribution
~ aftur
~ fr landi
set off from the shore
~ e- fr sr
put sth aside/down
~ e- fyrir e-n
give sby a task
~ e- fyrir sig
work at sth
~ e- fyrir
put sth aside, save up
~ e-
take on a task
~ hann
set off on a journey
~ e- vana sinn
make a habit of sth
~ sig lma
do one's utmost
~ or belg
put in a remark
~ stein gtu e-rs
put an obstacle in sby's path
~ e- slurnar
sacrifice sth
etta leggst illa mig
I have a hunch this will turn out badly
~ inn peninga
deposit money
~ niur
~ e- niur fyrir sr
consider sth carefully
~ niur matvli
can food
~ sig niur vi e-
stoop to sth, demean oneself by doing sth
~ saman
~ e- saman
fold sth
~ til
~ e- til mlanna
voice one's views on the matter
~ e- til hliar
put sth aside
~ sr e- til munns
eat sth
~ e- undir
wager sth
~ undir sig land
conquer a country
a er undir hlinn lagt
it is uncertain
~ upp
set off
~ upp laupana
give up
~ miki upp r e-u
assign great importance to sth
~ t
~ t peninga
lay out money
~ t af e-u
use sth as a basis for interpretation
~ t e-
venture sth
~ lag sitt vi e-n
associate with sby
~ rkt vi e-
cultivate sth
~ beisli vi hest
bridle a horse

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