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hafa v (acc) ( hefur; hafi, hfu, haft )

1. (vera me) have
~ e- e-s staar
have sth somewhere
~ brn augu
have brown eyes
2. (ra yfir, halda) hold, have
~ embtti
hold an office
~ vld
hold power
~ bo
hold a party, have a party
~ fund
hold a meeting
3. (geyma) keep
hafu etta!
keep this!
4. (la) feel
~ a gott
feel fine, do well
hvernig hefuru a?
how do you feel? how are you doing?
5. refl get done
etta hefst!
we'll manage!, we'll manage it!
a hafist
we made it, it was finished
~st vi
stay, dwell
6. phrases
~ betur
~ sigur
gain victory
~ e- hendi
be responsible for sth
~ e- gert
have sth done
~ or e-u
mention sth
orin eru hf me slenskri stafsetningu
the words are represented with Icelandic spelling
~ e- sr
carry sth (in one's pockets)
~ e- mti e-u
be opposed to sth
~ sig burt
go one's way
~ vit e-u
be knowledgeable about sth
~ lag e-u
have a knack for sth
~ e- a engu
ignore sth
hann var hafur a engu
he was not listened to
~ sig a e-u
get started on sth
~ e- af
finish sth, get sth done
~ e- af e-m
snatch sth away from sby, cause sby to lose sth
~ veur af e-u
hear rumours about sth
~ gaman af e-u
enjoy sth
~ e- eftir e-m
repeat sth after sby
~ sig eftir e-u
go and get sth
~ sig frammi
pull one's weight
~ e- fyrir satt
take sth on trust
~ e- fyrir e-m
be a model for sby
~ e-n fyrir e-u
name sby as a source
~ e-n fyrir rangri sk
accuse sby unjustly
~ e- fyrir sr e-u
have sth to go on
~ e- fyrir stafni
have sth to do, have sth to work on
~ miki fyrir e-u
take a lot of trouble over sth
~ rtt fyrir sr
be right
~ vit fyrir e-m
prevent sby from doing sth stupid
~ e- hj sr
have sth at hand
~ e- frammi
show sth
~ heitingum
use threats
~ e- huga
have sth in mind, keep sth in mind
~ sig og
have enough to live on
~ sig e-
get around to doing sth
~ e- me sr
take sth along
~ me e- a gera
have to do with sth
~ ofan af fyrir e-m
entertain sby, amuse sby
~ ofan sig
have enough to eat
~ e- til
have sth available, be liable to do sth
~ e- til e-s
use sth for sth
~ miki til sns mls
have weighty arguments for one's case
~ htt um e-
talk freely about sth
~ hgt um sig
take things easy
~ undan
keep up with
~ miki undir
be working on many things
~ e-n undir
get the better of sby in a fight
~ e- upp
repeat sth
~ e- upp eftir e-m
repeat sth after sby
~ e- upp sig
be of use
~ e- upp r sr
make money, get well paid
~ e- upp r e-u
profit from sth
~ uppi e-m
find sby
~ uppi rk
use arguments
~ sig r
get undressed
~ e-n t undan
cheat sby of sth
e- t r e-m
get sth out of sby
~ e- vi sig
have a certain charm
~ miki vi
put a lot of work into sth
~ vi e-m
keep pace with sby
~ sig allan vi
use all one's strength
~st vi
stay, dwell
~ e- yfir
recite sth
hann hafi a ekki
he didn't make it

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