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fara v (acc) ( fer; fr, fru, fari )

1. (halda brott) leave, go
g er a ~
I am about to leave
2. (ferast) move, travel
~ huldu hfi
be incognito
g fr gamla veginn
I took the old road
3. (byrja) (with infin) begin, commence
hann er farinn a keyra bl
he has started driving
4. (enda) end
etta fr vel
it ended well
5. (hfa) fit, suit
peysan fer mr ekki vel
the blouse doesn't suit me
a fer vel v
it is fitting
ftin fara vel
the suit is a good fit
6. (mehndla) handle, treat
~ vel me e-
treat sth well
~ hndum um e-
handle sth
7. impers
honum fer aftur
he is losing his touch
e-m fer fram
sby is improving
henni fer kjllinn vel
the dress suits her
8. refl (um flk) perish       (um skip og vlar) get wrecked
r ferst etta ekki!
who are you to talk!
9. pp
farinn a heilsu
in poor health
illa farinn
in a sorry state
10. phrases
~ bak vi e-n
go behind sby's back
hva fr eim milli?
what did they talk about?
~ hausinn
go bankrupt
~ mis vi e-
miss sth, be deprived of sth
eir frust mis
they missed each other, they failed to meet
~ /af sta
start, take off
~ rtt a e-u
do sth the right way
~ illa a ri snu
spoil one's chances, do badly
~ eftir e-u
1) fetch sth
2) follow instructions
a fer eftir e-u
it depends on sth
~ fera sinna
go where one pleases
v fer fjarri
far from it
~ fr
get out of the way
e- fer fram
sth takes place
~ fram e-
request sth
~ fram hj e-m
pass sby
~ fram r e-m
overtake sby
~ fram r
get out of bed
~ fram r tlun
overshoot the budget
~ fram r hfi
go to excess, go beyond the limit
~st fyrir
be neglected, be forgotten
~ hj
pass by
~ hj sr
be embarrassed
a fer ekki hj v
it cannot be avoided, it has to happen
~ kringum e-
bend the rules
~ me e-
take sth with one
~ me kvi
recite a poem
~ me sig
do oneself in
~ niur
1) go downstairs
2) be spilled
~ um
1) fall down, topple
2) travel about
~ undan flmingi
be evasive
~ r
~ t
1) go outside
2) travel abroad
3) go out on the town
~st vel vi e-n
do well by sby
~ yfir um
go crazy
v er n svo fari
that's how it stands
a fr e-m mikinn
he had a lot of momentum, he was moving at quite a pace

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