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2ganga v (acc/gen) ( gengur; gekk, gengu, gengi )

1. (fara fti) walk, go on foot
~ leiar sinnar
go one's way
~ fjall
climb a mountain
2. (hreyfast) move, run, go
vagninn gengur 20 mntna fresti
the bus runs every 20 minutes
skipi gengur milli Reykjavkur og Akraness
the boat sails between R. and A.
klukkan gengur
the clock is going
vlin gengur
the machine is on/running
vlin gengur vel
the machine is running well
3. (fara milli) go around, be passed on
lttu a ~
pass it on
sagan gengur
the story is going about
etta gengur vel
this is coming along fine
etta gengur ekki
this won't work, this won't do
5. (um fisk) run (used of shoals of fish)
6. impers
honum gengur vel
he is doing fine
7. pp
um gar genginn
af/r sr genginn
worn out
8. phrases
hva sem gengur
regardless of what happens
~ e-n
press sby with questions
~ bak ora sinna
go back on one's word
~ hlji
go in the direction of the sound
~ lagi
press one's advantage
hann gekk milli
he interceded
bkin gekk milli
the book was passed (a)round
hva gengur ?
what's going on?
a gengur miki
there is a lot going on
~ a e-u
agree to sth
~ a e-u vsu
take sth for granted
lykillinn gengur a skrnni
the key fits the lock
~ a skilmlum
agree to terms and conditions
~ af
remain, be left
~ af e-m dauum
kill sby
~ af gflunum
go crazy
~ aftur
appear as a ghost
kaupin ~ aftur
the deal is off
~ eftir e-m
coax sby
~ fr e-u
settle sth, put sth in order
~ fram af e-m
shock sby
~ fram af sr
overexert oneself
~ fram hj e-m
pass sby (over)
~ vel fram
put up a good fight
~ fyrir
take priority
~ fyrir e-n
have an audience with sby
~st fyrir e-u
organize sth
~ gegnum e-
suffer sth
~ e-
get sth done
~ flag
join a society
~ gar
arrive (of seasons)
~ skrokk e-m
beat sby up badly, put great pressure on sby
hugmyndin gengur () gegnum verki
the idea repeats itself throughout the work
~ langt
( samningum) go to great lengths, go a long way (to appease another party)
~st inn e-
agree to sth
~ me barn
be with child
~ milli bols og hfus e-m
finish sby off
e- gengur e-m nrri
sth hits sby hard
~ nrri sr
work oneself hard
a gekk saman me eim
they reached an agreement
a gekk annig til
that is the way it happened
honum gekk gott til
his intentions were good
~ um
walk about
~ um beina
wait on
~ vel um
be tidy
a gengur miki undan honum
he gets a lot done
slin gengur undir
the sun sets
a gengur ekki upp
it does not work, it does not fit
~ r sr
decay, go to ruin
~ r skaftinu
drop out of sth
~ t
1) sell well,
2) be married
~ t fr e-u
~ vel til fara
be well dressed
~ vi hj e-m
drop in on sby
~st vi e-u
confess sth, admit sth
a gekk ekki eftir
it did not turn out as expected

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