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Electronic Text Information

Title: "Elstu menn" muna vart ašra eins tķš : electronic text

Submitter: Heiša Jóhannsdóttir


TEI Markup: Meyer, Stephen E.

Principal: Gorman, Peter C.
Edition: UW-Madison TEI edition
Extent: Text ca. 16 Kb, in two files; images ca. 40 Kb, in 4 files
Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Local ID: IcelOnline.ElstuMennMuna

Content, including images, © Morgunblašiš, 2004. Used with permission.

TEI markup © Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, 2004. All rights reserved.

Those interested in using these texts for any purpose not covered under Fair Use must seek the permission of Morgunblašiš and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries.

Date: 2004
Series: Icelandic Online / Texts in Icelandic about Iceland and Icelanders today

Source Text

Title: Gagnasafn Morgunblašsins
Publisher: Morgunblašiš
Place: Reykjavķk
Date: Mįnudaginn 13. janśar, 2003
Series: Morgunblašiš

Encoding Description

TEI encoding is based on the UW-Madison Libraries' Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts at the Reading Level: Version 2.0 (, with additions as noted below.

No normalization has been applied to the source text.

No corrections have been made.

Some original text may have been omitted for brevity. In every such case, <gap> has been used to note the location of the omitted text.

Figures have been moved below headings to conform to <div1> content model.

Quotation and all other punctuation marks have been retained.

No segmentation or interpretation is provided with the text.

Abbreviations have not been expanded.

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