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Electronic Text Information

Title: VÝglundar saga: a diplomatic transcription: electronic text
Editor: Gorman, Peter C.; Van Deusen, Natalie

Submitter: Gorman, Peter C.


TEI Markup: Gorman, Peter C.


Text emendation: Van Deusen, Natalie

Publisher: University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries
Place: Madison, Wisconsin
Local ID: IcelOnline.VglSaga

The text of this electronic edition is in the public domain. Copyright for the TEI markup is held by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. All rights reserved.

This work may be copied freely by individuals for personal use, research, and teaching (including distribution to classes) as long as this statement of availability is included in the text. It may be linked to freely in Internet editions of all kinds, including for-profit works.

Scholars interested in changing or adding to this text by, for example, creating a new edition of the text (electronically or in print) with substantive editorial changes, are asked to seek the permission of the University of Wisconsin Libraries. They are requested to do so whether the new publication will be made available at a cost or free of charge.

Date: Jan. 17, 2007
Series: Icelandic Online / Icelandic Literature

Source Text

Title: VÝglundar saga
Place: Kaupmannah÷fn
Date: 17[??]
Call Number: Special Collections MS 140

Encoding Description

Encoded according to Digital Library Data Dictionary: Electronic Facsimile Collections, version 5.0.

TEI encoding is based on the UW-Madison Libraries' Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts at the Reading Level: Version 2.0 (, with additions as noted below.

This is intended to be a diplomatic transcription of MS 140, though the level of representation conforms more closely to the Menota Project's "Facsimile level" than to its "Diplomatic level" (see

This transcription includes all text in the original hand in the MS, except running heads. Line breaks have been preserved. Marginalia and notes have not been transcribed.

Most characters, including 'long s', have been preserved, but some ligatures (e.g., 'aa') have not, as they seem to be notational rather than distinctive. Note that 'ae' is normally a distinctive ligature, and has therefore been encoded as a single character, but occasionally it is written with separate characters, and is transcribed as such in each case. The few cases of abbreviations have been transcribed (e.g. as m + macron) rather than expanded.

Capitalization has been preserved as far as can be determined, but it is sometimes difficult to distinguish for some letters like Ů/■. Small capitals are occasionally used inside a word, particularly in place names, and have been transcribed as uppercase characters rather than as special "small cap" characters. This is contrary to the practice recommended by the Menota Guidelines (, but in this MS the capitalization does not seem to indicate either gemination or ornamentation.

The TEI elements <sic>, <del>, and <unclear> have been included in the transcription as necessary to indicate specific features of the source MS.

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