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Reiser, Winifred / Your millinery

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14                 YOUR MIULINERY 
  oi       t   ththeposwar         of fahion it is   i 
tonotethat o      ars andcra   re no longerst        for 
survival. This, indeed, is wloein this age of mass produc- 
tion, with its lack of variety in design. Ini these days, any 
woman who wants something out of the ordinary is compelled 
to make it for herself; therefore, if she can make her own 
dresses, knitwear, handbags, etc., why should she not become 
her own milliner? 
  If you have never tackled the job of making a hat, take my 
a      try it now. Not only will you save expense; you will, 
if you have any idea of needlework, colour and line at all, gain 
     imnesatisfaction from what can become a lucrative, 
fascinating hobby and you will be better dressed into the 
b        I suppose I have made literally hundreds of hats, the 
majority of them, admittedly, for other people to wear, yet I 
can honestly say that I still enjoy making a hat to wear for 
myself, and get just as much pleasure in wearing it as I did 
from my fist eff'ort as an apprentice. 
   In the sen~se that headwear, like all other clothing, was first 
 made for protection, millinery is primarily a craft. With the 
   deveopmet of skill headwear also became decorative, orna- 
 mental even, so if you do not believe that it is an art too, then 
 I invite you to take a peep at the one, or perhaps two, hats, 
 which may adorn the shop window of any high-class milliner. 
 If you are still unconvinced, try designing a hat of your own, 
 and I am sure this will finally break your resistance on the 
   Do not be too apensve if your efforts with the nel 
 are hardly of the highest order, as competent, rather than 
      exqiste nedewrkis required. Apart from slpsicig 

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