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Brown, P. Clement (Percy Clement), 1886- / Art in dress

[Continued draft],   pp. 38-42 ff. PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 40

face up on Waist line and draw the hip line down thogh your 9 inches. 
Cratn          Ida         pnOrCne Points 
    The problem ar now aragdupon our Center Line. The technique 
hee wil be th prpr an cleverly sraigof thi lin. It is not exactly 
a cuit that the thee here i, based upn, but it is as if you open and pull
cetrdvson lin~e into shapes and smart ideas 
    The name BIB is often use for th name of this particular inset. It 
is also considered as a panel front or a vestee. Your points or lines are
top or bottom, and you have side lies which alo have to be considered. 
    freanyhngesei considered or designed look at your materia. 
Evr ln will no go with evr piece of maeil        Do not apply square 
    to tetlsweeweave I           iaoa or pattern cured. Line is 
ealyas iprat as color,      m       harmony in your line, you can 
us   at of a squar line if you. nrdc it into youar desgnn. For in 
sacin Proble    One. You will find the top line of the ope portion is 
sqaeas it forms th strp tht ti over. S  when I cut the outsid line 
of my Bib I used th taight lines. It is as well to learn that the Lines 
ar classified as stright, boe, curedannixd 
    In PolmOne with an allover deinof a Paile          chrce, I have 
ketmy insd opeing betee the ecLine and th        hetLine, It is a 
small     g ater tha speain. This is th fis time that th staght 
nek is use (Batau. The sicrcle lin of the cut corsonswt the 

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