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Anslow, Florence / Practical millinery

Chapter XII: Ribbon bows,   pp. 129-139 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 129

                       RIBBON BOWS 
T HE making of ribbon bows is, to many of us, the most 
      fascinating branch of the millinery art, and there are very 
many beautifully woven ribbons from which to make our choice 
for the particular bow that has taken our fancy. There are, 
however, several points to consider when one is choosing the 
ribbon for trimming a hat-the style of the hat itself ; the occa- 
sions for which it is required ; the weight ; and, to some extent, 
the colour of the ribbon. The colour of the ribbon depends not 
only upon the hat itself, but also upon the costume, frock, or 
blouse with which it is to be worn, and upon the season of the 
year when it will be worn. 
   The ribbon may be chosen to match exactly the colour of the 
hat, or to form a decided contrast with it; but if it is to be worn, 
in turn, with several costumes, blouses, etc., a ribbon of a neutral 
shade or one that has several colours woven in it will be the 
best choice. 
   If the accompanying blouse or dress is self-coloured and of 
plain material, a striped, checked, or patterned ribbon may be 
chosen; but the combination of a checked ribbon and a striped 
frock would not be considered smart. 
   A wide-brimmed hat will always carry a nice full bow of wide 
ribbon, but the general contour of the head and face of the wearer, 
as well as her height and carriage, should help to decide the size, 
as well as the style, of bow most suitable. When choosing ribbon 
for infant's and children's hats and bonnets, we must not over- 
look their washing qualities. Vegetable silk and cotton ribbons 
are obtainable in many widths and colours, and are much more 
satisfactory when constantly laundered than either pure silk or 
satin ribbon. 

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