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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VII: [Fruits and vegetables],   pp. 76-87 PDF (3.5 MB)

Page 86

United States Food Administration: 
"Ten Lessons on Food Conservation-Lessons VII and VIIII." 
Available in every public library. 
United States Department of Agriculture: 
Farmers' Bulletins- 
No. 256, Preparation of Vegetables for the Table. 
No. 293, Use of Fruit as Food. 
No. 559, Use of Corn, Kafir, and Cowpeas In the Home. 
No. 839, Home Canning by the One-Period Cold Pack Method. 
No. 841, Drying Fruits and Vegetables in the Home, with Recipes for 
No. 853, Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables as Taught to Can- 
ning Club Members in the Southern States. 
No. 871, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as Conservers of Other Staple 
No. 881, Preservation of Vegetables by Fermentation and Salting. 
Circular of Extension Work, South, A 89, Jelly and Jelly Making. 
Circular of Extension Work, North and West, Extension N, Making Jelly with
Commercial Pectin. 
Order from the Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 
Bulletin 468, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Other Starchy Roots as Food.
Price 5 cents. 
Bulletin 503, Turnips, Beets, and Other Succulent Roots and Their Use as
Food. Price 5 cents. 
Yearbook Separate No. 582, Green Vegetables and Their Uses in the Diet. 
Price 5 cents. 
Order from the Superintendent pf Documents, Washington, D. C. 
United States Food Leaflets- 
No. I, Start the Day Right. 
No. 9, Vegetables for Winter. 
No. 10, Plenty of Potatoes. 
No. 14, Dried Peas and Beans. 
Order from the Federal Food Administrator in your state. 
All of these publications, except Farmers' Bulletin 293 and the three for
chase, include practical directions. Farmers' Bulletin 853 describes the
"fractional sterilization" method of canning vegetables and fruits
at home. 

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