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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VI: [Milk and its products,   pp. 66-75 PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 75

Relative Amount of Milk Used for Various Purposes in the United States. 
Increase in Price of Some Cattle Feeds. 
The Value of Clean Milk. 
Multiplication of Bacteria in Uncooled Milk. 
Kinds of Bacteria Found in Milk. 
Misused Milk Bottles. 
An Epiddmic of Scarlet Fever Traceable to Milk. 
A Dirty Cow, a Menace to Clean Milk. 
Cows Are Hard to Clean When They Are Kept in a Dirty Yard. 
Such a Stable Is Neither Sanitary Nor Comfortable. 
Clean Milk Is Not Easily Produced in Such a Stable. 
Clean Milk Should Not Be Handled in Such a Milk House. 
A Clean, Well-lighted Stable. 
Grooming Cows to Remove Dirt and Foreign Matter. 
Clipping Long Hairs From the Udder, Flanks, and Belly. 
Wiping the Cow's Planks With a Damp Cloth Just Before Milking. 
The Effect of Wiping the Cow's Planks. 
An Attractive and Inexpensive Milk House. 
The Interior ol a Good Milk House. 
Milk Cans Airing Over a Pool of Liquid Manure. 
A Sterilizer for Milk Utensils. 
A Drying Rack for Milk Utensils. 
An Easily Made Small-top Milking Pail. 
The Small-top Pail Keeps Many Bacteria Out of the Milk. 
Cooling Milk on the Farm. 
Bottles Iced In the Case for Delivery. 
Farmers Delivering Milk to Country Station. 
Delivering Milk Under Difficulties. 
Uses of Skimmed Milk. 
Composition of Milk. 

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