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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VI: [Milk and its products,   pp. 66-75 PDF (2.8 MB)

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Mix in the top of a double boiler 1 teaspoon each salt, sugar, and mustard,
few grains cayenne, and 11/2 tablespoons rice flour; add 1 egg and mix again.
Add 11/2 tablespoons clarified chicken fat,  % cup whey, and add 14 cup vinegar.
Cook over boiling 4wnter until mixture thickens, stfrring constantly. Strain
and cool. 
11/2 tablespoons granulated gelatin. 
V2 cup cold skimmed milk. 
21/_ cups scalded skimmed milk. 
14 cup sugar. 
14 teaspoonful salt. 
%T teaspoonful cinnamon. 
Directions.-Soak the gelatin in cold skimmed milk and dissolve In the 
scalded mi4. Add sugar, salt, and cinnamon. Strain into mold and chill. 
1 quart skimmed milk. 
34 cup maple sirup. 
2 junket tablets. 
1Y4 cup cold water. 
1 teaspoonful vanilla or spice. 
Directions.-Heat the milk until lukewarm (not more), add sirup and the 
tablets dissolved in the cold water. Pour mixture immediately into sherbet
cups. Stand in warm room undisturbed uqtil firm like jelly. Cool and serve.
1 quart skimmed milk. 
34 cup lemon juice. 
1 1 cup sirup. 
Combinie lemon juice and sirup, and gradually add the milk. If added too
rapidly, or without constant stirring, the mixture will have a curdled appear-
ance. Freeze. Grated pineapple may be added, lessening the lemon juice and
sirup. Other sweetened fruit juices may be substituted for the lemon juice
and sirup. The taste is a sufficient guide for quantity. 
5 cups scalded skimmed milk. 
% cup Indian meal. 
1 teaspoonful salt. 
I teaspoonful ginger. 
% cup molasses. 
Pour skimmed milk slowly on meal, cook in double boiler 20 minutes, add 
molasses, salt, and ginger; pour into greased pudding dish and bake 2 hours
in slow oven. Ginger may be omitted. Any ground cereal may replace the 
corn meal to vary the flavor. 

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