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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson V: [Meat and sugar],   pp. 54-65 PDF (3.5 MB)

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One of the best ways of saving meat is extending its flavor. A 
small amount may be combined with a large portion of mild flavored 
material like potato or cereals of various kinds. Since many people 
eat more meat than they need this is a perfectly legitimate way to 
satisfy the appetite. 
Recipes are given also for dishes showing various substitutes for 
meats and for cooking one of the less known fish. 
1 pound mutton.                     4 potatoes. 
% cup pearled barley.               3 onions. 
1 tablespoon salt.                  Celery tops or other seasoning herbs.
Directions.-Cut the mutton in small pieces, and brown with the onion in 
fat cut from meat. This will help make the meat tender and improves the 
flavor. Pour this into a covered saucepan. Add 2 quarts water and the barley.
Simmer for 1  hours. Then add the potatoes cut in quarters, seasoning 
herbs, and seasoning, and cook one-half hour longer. 
5 cups cooked hominy.               2 cups carrots. 
2 tablespoons fat.                  1 teaspoon salt. 
2 tablespoons corn or rice flour.   1/2 pound dried beef.. 
2 cups milk.                        2 cups of cooked fish may be used in
4 potatoes.                           place of the beef. 
Directions.-Make a sauce of the fat, flour, and milk, and cook until it 
thickens. Cut the potatoes and carrots in dice and mix them with the hominy
and meat. Put in the baking dish in layers with the sauce, having the top
layer of sauce. Bake an hour. 
Cut In slices 2 inch thick, soak in salt water 1 hour, roll in corn meal,
brown on both sides in hot fat, add water, cover pan, and cook slowly until
tender. Serve with brown gravy thickened with rice flour or barley flour.
(An Italian recipe.) 
A fowl suitable for boiling.       :1 egg. 
Salt and pepper.j 2 tablespoons chicken fat. 
pound rice.                       1 cup to 1 cup grated cheese. 
Directions.-Cut up the fowl and boil until it is tender. Wash the rice and
blanch it by letting it come to a boil and cook a few minutes in salted water.
Finish cooking it in the broth from the boiled fowl, adding the broth a little
a time to be sure the rice is not too wet when it is done. Be careful not
cook It too long. Season with cheese and fat and add the egg yolk to bind
it just as it is taken from the fire. Serve as a border around the fowl.

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