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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson I: [Food and the war],   pp. 7-18 PDF (3.4 MB)

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50 per cent wheat flour. 
38 per cent wheat flour substitute. By weight. 
12 per cent potato (1 to 4 basis). I 
From   various experiments it was at first thought that in yeast 
breads not more than one-fourth of the wheat flour could be satisfac- 
torily replaced by substitute flours without materially changing the 
lightness and palatability of the loaf. Work in the experimental 
kitchen of the Home Conservation Division of the Food Administra- 
tion and of the Department of Agriculture has shown that a 50 per 
cent substitution, or perhaps a still greater one, may be made if the 
method is slightly modified. 
1. Potato is used as one-fourth of the substitute on the 1 to 4 basis 
(i. e., three-fourths of the weight of the potato is reckoned as water).
2. The dough is made much stiffer than ordinary bread dough. 
3. In some cases the best results has been obtained with four 
The recipes given will make an 18 to 19 ounce loaf. 
Made from rolled oats run through a food chopper. 
/_ cup liquid.                       1 teaspoon salt. 
1/2 cake compressed yeast.          1 teaspoon fat. 
1 tablespoon sirup.                  1/3 cups (40% ounces) ground oats. 
% cup (6 ounces) mashed potato.     11/2 cups (6 ounces) wheat flour. 
DIRECTIONS.-Make a sponge of the liquid, yeast, sirup, mashed potato, and
enough of the ground oats to make a batter. Allow to rise until light (about
one hour), and then add the salt, fat, and remainder of the oats and the
The dough must be much stiffer than ordinary-bread dough. 
Knead thoroughly and allow to rise until double in bulk. Knead, mold into
a loaf, and, whe-n double in bulk, bake 50 minutes to 1 hour. Begin in a
erately hot oven (400* F.). After 15 to 20 minutes, lower the temperature
slightly (to 3900 F.) and finish baking. 
If dry yeast is used, make the sponge with 1/8 to Y4 cake and allow it to
rise over night. If liquid yeast is preferred, substitute 4 cup for 2 cake
the compressed yeast and reduce the liquid in recipe to 1/ cup. 
1/ cup liquid.                       1 teaspoon salt. 
2 cake compressed yeast.            1 teaspoon fat. 
1 tablespoon sirup.                  11 / cups (5 ounces) corn meal. 
% cup (6 ounces) mashed potato.     1% cups (7 ounces) wheat flour. 
Follow the directions for rolled oats bread. 
Rice flour bread may be made by using 1 cup (4/ ounces) of rice flour and
11 cups (6 ounces) of wheat flour. Buckwheat bread will use 1% cups (5 
60173'-18-   2 

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