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Shover, Edna Mann / Art in costume design: practical suggestions for those interested in art, sewing, history and literature

Chapter II: Design and color,   pp. [17]-28 ff. PDF (3.8 MB)

Page 20

    If the hair is soft and straight, hats with curved lines will take 
away an extremely plain look, while if the hair is coarse and fluffy, 
tailored hats of severe lines are more attractive. The attractiveness 
of the head-dress depends upon the shape of the face, however, but 
the artistic arrangement of the hair adds greatly to the appearance. 
A free, natural arrangement is much more attractive than artificial 
Ornament appropriate for the gown. When designing ornament 
appropriate for the gown, the material, the general character and 
color of the gown should always be considered. The ornament must 
be a part of the whole, and although the detail of the design may be 
ever so complicated, it should hold together so well that the effect is 
not spotty, or the decoration seem more important than the main 
part of the garment. It is very easy to become so interested in the 
ornament itself that the appearance of the garment as a whole is 
forgotten. It may be most beautiful in itself, but not appropriate 
for the article being constructed. Then the result is similar to a 
chair with one leg elaborately carved, regardless of the proportions and
ornament of the rest of the furniture. 
    Decoration is to the dress what the blossom is to the flower; 
as the blossom grows out of the plant, so should the decoration grow 
out of the body of the dress, rather than Appear to be stuck on; it 
should add to the general appearance rather than detract; it should 
never be more important than the simple construction work; it 
should be designed in proportion to the whole and in attractive colors. 
Proportion. Artistic proportion is the comparative i 
that produce a beautiful whole. It has been proved t 
is unevenly divided, the effect is more pleasing; thai 
tions one to three, two to five, three to seven, etc 
artistic spacing than two to four, three to six, tw4 

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