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Brown, P. Clement (Percy Clement), 1886- / Art in dress

[The tailored woman],   pp. 162-175 PDF (4.6 MB)

Page 163

              TeTailrdWm                             - 
   The T~lr&Wmnis ultra smart in Moel olatsi     imlf~    n 
   The Moel shul hecoe in deig      of Lie by rigid       of 
   TeLines of a Tailored Model should he tehncal (Usoi In Origin). 
In designing, th  Desgner should create his Line to peti to the useful 
arts. For exmldesgn the Line of Adornment into a poket r etc. 
   The term, TehialLns strictly speaking, embraces all lie      that 
have for thi objec th diec preationi or cosrcinfor the Modl 
   It is the Ar ofDsinn and applyng lie that are practical. 
   Heights andltiue   of Lines will govern in the Designing of the 
Lnsfor the TalrdWo~man. 
    Heights is employed in desgigTailored           to find th relative 
elevation of points, leveling straight lns 
    Poieyour lie to esals      h gradue of heights. For example, do not 
maea fac side sea  or a Trimming Lin an stop it just below another 
lielike th edge of a coat, but contine it up unq thi line. Or properly 
conet your lies The points or lines ma~ybe more or lesitrige on 
your Moebut deres of accuracy must he performed. That is mae l 
lenth oie ofaormn as nearly equal aspssbe           Also make them 
as long pssbe   Or cut th lines bypootos      It is in this way thaqt 
youa profile ti lie of your Mod  Take the nat-ural profile of your Model
and elmnte any ireuarte   f lie Tak into           your Divi- 
sina Lines, whifch are: Ches Line Bust LIne, Waist Line, Top of Limbs 
Line End of Knee Cap    Lines  lo  ie, Lin One an  ene Front Line 
Also th Nec Lin, Edge ofSev Line an  Edeo r     ie 
    SecyorGradeLn      wti the prpe poito     fyur Dvsoa 
    AttdofLine iscetn     Lin by evainon grdae      ice.By 

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