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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VIII: [The use of locally-grown products and the developemnt of a nearby food supply],   pp. 88-98 PDF (3.2 MB)

Page 95

Ways of preparing to insure a mininmum of loss. 
Baked: Convert into stuffed potatoes, if desired. 
Boiled in skins. While still hot remove peeling, and brown whole in a small
amount of savory fat or vegetable oil. 
" Stewed" potatoes: Cut pared potatoes in thin slices, barely cover
water and add salt and butter to season. Boil until slices are tender but
whole and just enough water left to make them juicy.. No water should be
poured off. 
Don't have your oven too hot. 
Don't have different sized potatoes. 
Don't delay in getting them into the oven; they will not hurry when the time
is short. 
Don't fall to allow from 45 minutes to an hour for a medium-sized (6-ounce)
Don't select potatoes that are too big. 
Don't put them into your oven dripping with cold water. 
Don't plan to serve them as a second course in a dinner, it is difficult
to get 
them just right. Use them with the first course in a lunch or supper. 
Do select potatoes of uniform size. 
Do wash and scrub thoroughly. 
Do boil in the skin unless the potatoes are old and strong tasting. 
Do soak the potato in cold water for several hours before cooking, if it
is old 
and shrunken. 
Do remove the thinnest possible layer of skin, if the potato must be pared,
and drop into cold water. 
Do cook in boiling salted water till tender. 
Do drain thoroughly and pare immediately. 
Do see that all steam is driven off, so that the potato is dry and mealy.
1 cup cooked rice.                    2 tablespoons onion. 
2 cups cooked beans.                  2 tablespoons cornsthrch. 
1 cup mashed potatoes.               1 cup tomato. 
1 tablespoon oil or savory fat.       ' 'teaspoon salt. 
Directions.-Put the rice and beans through the meat chopper, mix with the
potato thoroughly. Cook the onion in the fat, stir in the cornstarch and
tomato and salt. Combine the two mixtures, shape like cutlets, and bake J
hour in a quick oven, basting twice with fat or oil. 
2 cups mashed potatoes.                 cup canned tomatoes. 
4 tablespoons miced onion.           1 egg. 
2 tablespoons green pepper or pimiento  I teaspoon salt. 
pepper.                           1/ cup ground peanuts. 

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