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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VII: [Fruits and vegetables],   pp. 76-87 PDF (3.5 MB)

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Fruits and vegetables are not luxuries, but necessities. They are 
needed for health and consequently for efficient labor, including effi- 
cient patriotic service and efficient citizenship. 
Use fruits and vegetables freely and give them to the children 
in healthful forms. Teach children to like them. 
Use at the very least a pound a day of fruit and vegetables for 
each member of the family.        Two medium-sized potatoes, one 
medium-sized apple, 10 string beans, and one large or two 'small 
pieces of celery would make up about a pound. 
A rule that helps many people is, Do not spend more for meat 
and eggs together than for vegetables and fruit. 
There is little danger of eating too much of these kinds of foods. 
Most people do not eat enough. When convenient, they can be sub- 
stituted for other staple foods. 
Save wheat by using more potatoes. 
Save meat by using more beans and peas. 
Save sugar by using more fruit, including berries arid melons. 
Do not let boiled rice, hominy, or macaroni take the place of 
green vegetables. Think of them rather as simple kinds of breads. 
Do not throw away left over vegetables. Use them for soup or 
salad, alone or combined with other foods. Dry celery leaves and 
roots or similar portions of uncooked vegetables, and use them for 
seasonings or soup. 
When vegetables are high priced, and must be used sparingly, 
think over what is their special value and make the most of them. 
Cook them in simple ways for flavor. 
See that they are crisp, since their texture gives them value. 
Wilted vegetables should be freshened even if they are to be cooked. 
Since one value of vegetables is their bulk, use the harder portion 
as well as the tender. 
Economize the juice since it contains valuable mineral salts. Use 
the water in which vegetables are boiled. 
Wealth is that which satisfies needs; those who raise fruits and 
vegetables and those who use them wisely so as to satisfy the real 
needs of the body, both help to create wealth. 

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