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Shover, Edna Mann / Art in costume design: practical suggestions for those interested in art, sewing, history and literature

Chapter IV: Greek,   pp. [46]-58 PDF (4.2 MB)

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men of former times the Greeks selected 
ninating taste. Only one necklace was 
worn at a time and that was so selected that it would add to the 
appearance of the gown. The jewels chosen were in harmony with 
the hair and gave a charming effect with the beautiful flesh tints 
in the women's healthy faces. Dainty fans, of -colors to harmonize 
with the other decorations of the dress, were attractive accessories. 
Sun shade. The umbrellas, more aptly named sun shade, for they 
were seldom used in bad weather, took the place of the Egyptian fan 
and were made of light silk or fine linen with the handles and supports 
for the upper part made of gold wrought in the most intricate designs. 
(Illustration 13-No. 7.) 
Mirrors. The mirrors were also treasures greatly admired by the 
women. "But the daughter of Jove possesses gold mirrors, the delight
of virgins." The decorations on these articles as well as those on the
costumes are most interesting. (Illustration 11.) 
Greek Designs. The designs of the Greeks were not so full of mean- 
ing and symbolism as is true of the designs of the preceding ages, but 
they show a wonderful feeling for the abstract principles in design, 
rhythm, balance, good proportion and space division, as well as grace- 
ful curves and radiating parts. 
The Greek Fret. One of the best-known ornaments, and no doubt of 
textile origin as the rectangular network suggests, is the Greek Fret 
or "Meander" border. The name "Meander" is said to be
taken from 
a river in Asia Minor, the Meandros, now the Menderes, which 
flows in sinuous curves. The construction is perhaps the most simple 
of all the Greek horderg and the mearPmmntfQ nf the 1Pncrtohq and 

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