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Anslow, Florence / Practical millinery

Chapter XIII: Sports, weather, pull-on, ribbon, and fur hats,   pp. 140-151 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 140

W HEN choosing materials for sports, weather, and pull-on 
      hats, we must remember that they will be subjected to 
all conditions and to rough usage in packing. The materials 
must therefore be well woven, yet light in weight, and must not 
easily spoil with frequent rolling and crushing. Probably the 
only foundation material that one can rely upon for this pur- 
pose is fine French canvas of good quality. If this requires sup- 
port round the brim edge, light-weight linen tape may be used 
to bind it. Hats and caps of oil silk, oilskin, or fine rubber 
sheeting are much lighter and more practical if made without 
   For the outer covering material for winter wear, there is a 
choice between tweed, cloth, gabardine, covert coating, cravenette, 
serge, frieze, velveteen, suede, and cir6 satin. All these fabrics 
can be obtained rainproofed and light in weight. 
   For warmer weather there is a much larger selection from 
which to choose a hat that need not be waterproof-tussore, 
chiffon taffeta and glac6 silk; alpaca, tennis flannel, linen, drill, 
sponge and casement cloths; fine woollen materials such as thin 
serge ; piqu6 and stockinette. 
   For head linings, when the heavier goods are used, polonaise, 
sarcenet or silk are quite the best. For hats of linen and other 
washing goods, an interlining of batiste is the most practical. 
If any trimming is required other than stitchery, beads or a 
badge, waxed ribbon, or small decorations of the oil silk are 
probably the most durable for the weather hats; and either 
petersham or cotton washing-ribbon for the cotton hats and 
caps. Whatever the choice may be, let the interlining and 
material be well shrunk before it is cut, and allow a little extra 

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