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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson VI: [Milk and its products,   pp. 66-75 PDF (2.8 MB)

Page 66

Although milk is seven-eighths water, it is one of our most im- 
portant foods. No other food has as great a variety of the materials 
which the body needs. It is indispensable for little children and of 
great value to everyone. 
The tissue-building protein found in milk is in an especially valu- 
able form. 
In the fat of milk are found little-known but very important sub- 
stances without which the body can not grow or recover from injury 
as it should. The only other foods which compare with milk as a 
source of these substances are the green leaf vegetables, such as 
spinach, chard, or lettuce. 
Milk contains more of lime (calcium) than any other common 
food. Without it, the diet is almost sure to be lacking in this im- 
portant building material. 
Unless great pains are taken to keep milk clean, it is likely to 
carry bacteria which cause it to spoil. If infected with disease germs 
it may spread diseases such as typhoid fever, diphtheria, and' Scar- 
let fever. 
Keeping, milk cool prevents the bacteria from increasing. 'This 
is necessary not only to help make the milk safe, but to keep it. from 
Butter is chiefly the fat of the milk, with some water and a little 
of the curd and salts. 
Cheese is a valuable tissue-building and fuel food, which should 
be classed with such foods as meat or eggs, rather than as a pleasant 
accessory to the diet. 
Skim milk contains most of the protein and lime of the whole 
milk and is far too valuable to waste, though it should not take the 
place of whole milk for little children. 
For many good reasons such as higher costs of feed and labor, 
the price of-milk has been rising lately, but even now its increase is 
relatively less than many other foods. It is an economical food 
when we consider all the materials it provides for the body. It is 
much safer to lessen expenditure for meat than for milk, especially 
for children. 

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