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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson V: [Meat and sugar],   pp. 54-65 PDF (3.5 MB)

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Meat is not actually necessary, though it is desirable, as part of 
the diet. Fully as satisfactory protein or body-building material 
may be obtained from milk, eggs, cheese, and fish. Part of the pro- 
tein needed may come from legumes (beans of various kinds, peas, 
and lentils), from nuts, or from cereals (oats, corn, barley, etc.). 
There is about 1 ounce of protein in 1 quart of milk, or 4 eggs, 
or 6 ounces to one-half pound of medium fat meat, or one-fourth 
pound of cheese, or 6 ounces of dried navy beans, or three-fourths 
pound of bread (12 medium-sized slices). 
A man at moderate muscular work is believed to need about 31, 
ounces of protein a day, and a family consisting of father, mother, 
and three small children about 12 ounces a day. 
Many eat more protein food than is necessary, and still more eat 
too much meat. 
Meat is liked because of its pleasant flavor and desirable texture. 
When other foods are used in place of meat they are more acceptable 
if they have this saime texture and flavor. 
One of the most satisfactory ways to lessen the use of meat is to 
extend its flavor by blending it with rice or other cereals, potato, or 
some other food of mild flavor.    Stews or casserole dishes with 
vegetables and the use of meat gravies for seasoning are other illus- 
trations of extending flavor. 
Poultry can not be as easily shipped as beef or pork; and since it 
can not be !irofitably shipped to the Allies, it may be used in place 
of red meats. 
We have not begun to use our fish supply. We might utilize 
nearly 70 kinds of salt-water and nearly 30 kinds of fresh-water fish. 
Cheese, cottage cheese, and skim milk are good body-building 
foods. One pound of cottage cheese has as much protein as 1j 
pounds of sirloin steak. 
If beans and peas are used in place of meat, a small amount of 
milk, eggs, or other animal foods should also be included in the diet. 
Cereals, such as wheat, corn, rye, oats, and barley contain body- 
building material in an inexpensive form. If these are used freely, 
less meat is needed. 

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