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The Day's food in war and peace

Lesson II: [Food for a day],   pp. 19-30 PDF (3.0 MB)

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Food must furnish us with the materials out of which the body is 
built and kept in repair and those needed for the work of the muscles. 
A healthful and palatable diet contains foods from each of five 
Food groups.                Purposes.        Amouut needed daily by a man
at moderate muscular work. 
No. 1-Fruits and vegetables ...... To give bulk 6nd to insure min- l to 3
eral and body-regulating ma- 
No. 2.-Medium-fat meats, eggs, To insure enough protein ......... 8 to 16
ounces (4 ounces of milk 
cheese, dried legumes,                         counting as 1 ounce). 
and similar foods, milk. 
No. 3.-Wheat, corn, oats, rye, rice, To supply starch, a cheap fuel, 8 to
16 ounces (increasing as foods 
and other cereals, pota-  and to supplement the protein  from Group 2 decrease).
toes, sweet potatoes,  from Group 2. 
No. 4.-Sugar, honey, sirup, and To supply sugar, a quickly ab- 11 to 3 ounces.
other foods consisting  sorbed fuel, useful for flavor. 
chiefly of sugar. 
No. 5.-Butter, oil, and other foods To insurefat, a fuel which gives l1 to
3 ounces. 
consisting chiefly of fat.  richness. 
Food is the fuel of the human machine, and our bodies need dif- 
ferent quantities according to our age, size, and occupation. 
Foods that supply fuel are protein, that we think of chiefly as a 
building food; fats; and carbohydrates, the latter including starches, 
sugars, and cellulose or woody fiber. 
The same amount of food fuel (calories) can be bought at very 
different prices, depending upon the kind of food we choose. 
The cereals, or breadstuffs, are almost the cheapest fuel foods and 
furnish some building material as well. This is why bread has been 
called "the staff of life." Other cereals are just as good as wheat.
'We can not safely choose our food simply as fuel. We need it also 
for building the body and keeping it in good repair. 
Though milk is not so cheap as cereals as a fuel food, it is one of 
the best and cheapest foods for building and repairing. 
Meat, chiefly a building food, is a very pleasant addition to our 
diet, but it is safer to cut down on meat than on milk. 
Fruits and vegetables are also economical for keeping the body in 
repdir, though most of them are not cheap fuel foods. 

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