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Shover, Edna Mann / Art in costume design: practical suggestions for those interested in art, sewing, history and literature

Chapter VIII: The occident during the Middle Ages: the Gothic period,   pp. [100]-120 PDF (6.3 MB)

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                   CHAPTER VIII. 
                 THE GOTHIC PERIOD 
thing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." - Emerson. 
every noble work the silent part is best; of all expression, that wbicb 
            cannot be expressed." - W. W. Story. 
This is the period of adventure, of romance, an age in which was 
t the foundation for the great movements in religious and social 
as well as in the literature, music and art. The hearts and minds 
hie people were alive with a feeling of joy and love mingled with 
more serious thoughts of religion. They no longer listened to 
[ling stories of foreign countries without having a desire to see for 
nselves. The Europeans were not confined to one community by 
fear of the spirits of the dead, or the awful dread of displeasing 
[ah." Instead, they traveled from one part of the country to 
Lher, exploring and conquering, ever acquiring new ideas and 
roving on their old ones. When groups of people interested in 
erent occupations, as were the pirates, the Vikings, the Crusaders, 
Masqueraders, the Ladies of the Tournament, the Friars and the 
ay craftsmen, are associated together, each adding his enthusiasm 
zest to the every day life, the age becomes full of color and human 
rest. People naturally become more broad-minded and progress 

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