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Shover, Edna Mann / Art in costume design: practical suggestions for those interested in art, sewing, history and literature

Chapter II: Design and color,   pp. [17]-28 ff. PDF (3.8 MB)

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                     CHAPTR II. 
               DESIGN AND COR 
       "Art needs no spur beyond itself.'" -Victor Hugo. 
    When designn modern costumes, endeavor to make patcl 
use of the eshtcpicpes of art, for time has prvdthat they 
produce sucsflresults. Visit the best shops often, and rea the 
best fsinand desgn books to see what other crfse     r doing; 
learn to se ucl the way in which garments are deindand 
made and train the eye in memorizing color effects. The latter may 
be done by trying to match colors from memory. Study picue and 
objects in the museums; above al, study and learntoapeie 
Fashion,  The par of creatig a costume which may be con- 
sidered fist is that of Fashion. Fashion means, -cnorigt 
or established by custom; genteel; refined; elegant.  No one wse 
to be out of style, no matter how artistic he may apr.     He 
does not wis to be spknof as queer, freakfish or eceti.Tu 
art isnee any of these, whether found in costumes, architetr, 
interior dcrton, paintings or wvhat not. 
  ( Folw the fashions of the day, but not exrmsinstlcee 
origia  ein of artistic value and chrigclr,beoigt 
the wearer, but keep close enough to the geea  oilideas as not t 
appea  ehn the times. There is a resnfor syechnigand a 
very godone, to. Idea ar consatl    hagn   as the nto 
porse; pol's gamnsrfettheir ideas, so the syeo 
  raxnntchnge in prprto       toteirosis. ' One onlynedt 

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