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Reiser, Winifred / Your millinery

Chapter four: The sailor hat in felt,   pp. 31-48 PDF (3.8 MB)

Page 31

WHEN shorn of its trimmings, the sailor hat, or the boater s 
it is sometimes called, is the most elementary form of hat with 
a brim and perhaps the most suitable type for the beinrs 
first effort. It consists quite simply of a fiat brim of any width 
and a crown, usually flat, but subject to some slightvariation. 
The average woman readily identifies the straw hat in such a 
form as this by its proper name, but itwill come asa 
to manytolearn thatwether a hat of thistypeis        of 
straw or felt, or of any material such as silk, satin, taffeta or 
wool over a stiff foundation, to milliners it is still a sailor. 
  The reference in Chapter Two to the sparterie brim shape 
should have prepared the student for the first step. Before 
    daigwith this, however, and since sparterie plays suha 
large    in the making of hat shapes, the student must become 
  Oneofthe mostimportant              of          isthat 
after it has been thoroughly d pd and moulded into a 
     reurdshape, when it dries it stiffens to a~ semi-rigidity. 
     Unesor until re-wetted, it praetly retains the form into 
which it has been shaped.. 
   Another feature of this material is its flexible andplae 
nature. Both adetvsare used advisedly since it is feil 
inth ense thatitcan bebent toany shape andpliable in so 
far as when it isutonthebas,or"cross asts 

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