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Reiser, Winifred / Your millinery

Chapter two: Materials,   pp. 23-26 PDF (859.0 KB)

Page 23

 IT IS impossible to list and describe all the materials wiciih arc 
 ~usedi making hats, so that only those used most frequently 
 may obviously be bought through the usual meimof the 
 retail trade, all of the purely millinery mtrasmay be 
      prhsdonly at wholesale mlieyspl     oss 
 FOUND~ATION MATERIALS. In model millinery most hats with a 
 brim neestte the use of asparterie brim shape. This is, in 
 efect, a brim of the shape required, made in sparterie, whic 
 is used as a mould on which the actual brim is shaped, or 
     blce,as it iscalled. Manybhats which are cvrdwith 
 material require a stiff foundation, and the choice of mtra 
 for thefoudto itsefi governed by the nature of the ata 
 tha~tit isused both for brim shpsandfoudtos Itsche 
 use isfor making brim shpsadi s nfactthe onlymtra 
     wihcan be used scesul      o  hsproe         ute 
  information about the actual use of thi s material may be found 
iiiiiiii~in  hperFu where~iiiiii!ii~i~~ii~  iiiin the maingo  sp eie brim
is  descr~~i i i:i~~~ii!! i!]ii~i ]!ii!~i~~~i~~i!iii i~ii]~i~~!i]iiii!~~~i!iibed
in fu l  et il 
Sparteri~i i ii ieii~ ii is]  a  com paratively  heavy  m aterial,  and 
thereforei~iiii[¸~ ii(ii(I)iii~¸i]!i~(i¸'i¸ii~ i~iii
iiii!iiiii!:i i iii;~iiiiiiii iiiii 
u  sed foriii!  b rimiiiiiii   fo u n d atiio n s  o n ly.iiii!  T arlatan
i  i!  andii  len o  are  th e  twoiiiii!iii ~i !ii i'iiii !ii i i!i ii i!!i~~!!i~ii~i
iiiii~i ii~ !i!i iiiil iii'') ~i~, !l ~~ii ~i)i iiiii~~~ !~~~~i~~ ~!!! ~~ii
~~ iii!ii 
mater! i als of wh~~i~iii!i]i~!! i~i!ii!ii!i]~~i!:iiich c mp e efo n ai ons,
~~ii~! i~ie., br~! i m  and  crown,!!!iii!!!~! ]i!i!i~~~i!~! 
      iiiliiii~iiiiiiiiiiii l iii !i   iii ii! ii~li iiii  !!iiii2 3iiii

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