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Hill, Clare, fl. 1900 / Millinery: theoretical and practical

Draping crowns and toques,   pp. 68-70 PDF (631.6 KB)

Page 68

  Draping.-Whilst acknowledging that few 
understand the art of draping gracefully, and 
that the unwary novice finds this part of 
millinery so difficult to master that she almost 
gives up in despair, the possessor of ordinary 
ability, given she have power to perceive 
where in her attempt she has failed in produc- 
ing the graceful curves which ought to be its 
chief characteristics, should not be long-with 
practice and the hints contained in this chapter 
to help her-in becoming an adept in the art. 
If she be wise she will choose tissue paper for 
her first efforts, for in so doing she will gain the 
power to deftly handle light materials, the 
much-needed finger knack that will enable her 
to turn out the finished article fresh, airy, and 
dainty, without the handled look that charac- 
terises the amateurish efforts. 
  When manipulating paper or material the 
first endeavour must be to eschew tight, straight, 
conventional folds, and to drape in such a 
manner that the drapery takes on loose, flowing, 
curved lines. This may be achieved by making 
two or more folds emanate at a given point 
from one, and at still another point be broken 
into three, and again, resolve into four, or back 

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