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Hicks, Ada / Garment construction in schools

Extracts from board of education circular 730,   pp. [xiii]-xiv PDF (512.7 KB)

Page [xiii]

   "Needlework is a separate and self-contained branch of instruction,
proficiency in which is a worthy end to aim at . . . in another aspect it
do much to develop the intelligence and even to form the character."
           To make needlework as educational and useful as possible, it is
essential to make it interesting." 
     "Where it is possible to classify for the purposes of needlework
tion, it is desirable that girls of the same acquirements should be taught
     " A quick, neat, strong style of sewing, suited to the garments
which the 
children wear, should be taught .... In the present day there is seldom 
time for fine needlework." 
     " Cutting-out and pattern-making form an important part of needlework
instruction ; and tables suitable for cutting-out are an essential. . . .
girl should . . . learn to cut and make the various under-garments suitable
for her own wear, as well as a pinafore or apron, and (in the highest class)
night-gown or simple blouse..... 
     "Each child should keep a record of the work she has done. The
for a fresh year should include a new type of garment. .... " 
     " The eye should be trained to recognise a correctly-cut garment
: it will 
be found helpful to practise making rough sketches of all the garments cut
out. . ...' 
     "The kind and quantity of material required, and its probable cost,
should be calculated for every garment made and may usefully be worked out
in an arithmetic lesson; such information, together with any useful notes
upon difficult points connected with their work, should be written by the
girls in special notebooks." 

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