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Hicks, Ada / Garment construction in schools

Introduction,   pp. [ix]-xi ff. PDF (922.5 KB)

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MUCH fuller recognition has been given of late to the importance of needle-
work as a subject of instruction in schools. 
    Its great practical value has always been more or less acknowledged,
but now its possibilities as a means of development and training are receiving
much more consideration and appreciation. 
    The days of one garment for each year of school life, with set "
mens " to be brought to perfection have been quite superseded. The teaching
of" specimens " has served its purpose, and has been discarded
for the teaching 
of each new stitch and progress as required for the work in hand. Instead
one garment per annum, it is now recommended that a succession of garments
should be made, also that each worker should cut out and fix for herself
out her school life. 
    With this change must come modification of method, for the time 
devoted to needlework remains much as formerly. 
    To ensure the greatest possible economy of time, in order to provide
this additional instruction and practice in cutting-out and putting together,
also for incidental teaching on quantities, cost, etc., two essentials are:
     (i) A properly graduated course of collective lessons, dealing systemati-
           cally with the common difficulties in sewing and garment con-
     (ii) Provision for sufficient practice in the making of garments, carefully
           selected to allow of the application of the above points. 
     All involved in the first will naturally be included in a judiciously
course covering the second of these requirements, and much of the drafting
and drawing of patterns, with the necessary calculations, can quite properly
and should form part of drawing or arithmetic courses. 

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