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Hicks, Ada / Garment construction in schools

Young, S
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  THE elementary school is perhaps the most important social institution
  the present day. We all readily affirm that the education given there should
  bear direct relation to life, not in any narrowly utilitarian sense, but
in a 
  large and vital way. At the same time, we must admit that the school is
  often justly criticised, because the education obtained th6re is unpractical,
  formal, unregardful of life and its needs. Hence, it is necessary constantly
  to remind ourselves that in all the various activities included in the
course, the 
  school should aim at imparting practical knowledge and skill, while develop-
  ing an alert and intelligent attitude of mind in regard to each subject
of study. 
      Among the activities included in the curriculum of every girl's school
  is needlework, and when we consider the future needs of the large majority
  of the girls in the elementary school, we cannot deny the importance of
  subject. It is scarcely less essential that the different members of the
  household shall be healthily, thriftily, and suitably clothed, than that
  shall be well and economically fed. But those acquainted intimately with
  the children in our elementary schools know how ir-clad many of them are;
  their garments too often lack wearing quality, fitness, and beauty, because
  cheap, ready-made clothing, the product of sweated labour, is readily accessible,
  and many of the mothers have not the skill and knowledge to make better
  and more efficient garments. 
       Hence comes the necessity for the intelligent teaching of needlework
  in the schools. As with the other domestic crafts, the cookery and laundry
  work, lack of training in so many homes compels the school to supplement
  their deficiencies. 
       The passages quoted in this book, from official utterances of the
  of Education, show. that the wasteful and mechanical teaching of sewing
  past days is no longer authorised. The way is now free for the teacher

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