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Ben Yƻsuf, Anna / The art of millinery: a complete series of practical lessons for the artiste and the amateur

Lesson I: Drafting and making buckram frames,   pp. 7-24 PDF (2.5 MB)

Page 7

A Series of Practical Millinery Lessons Written Originally 
           for The Millinery Trade Review by 
                 MME. ANNA BEN-YIDSUF 
         Late Millinery Instructor at Pratt Institute. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
                  LESSON I 
RAMES are now to be had ready for use, of the 
     finest quality and in all the most exclusive shapes, 
     as well as those suitable for medium and cheap 
trade, both in infinite variety; and if an importer or 
designer has a special novelty, the manufacturers will 
make and reserve this pattern for the designer; there 
is therefore far less frame-making done in workrooms 
than there was a couple of decades ago; but designers 
and copyists frequently find it necessary to alter shapes; 
and also in copying a model the frame has usually to be 
made. An extra frame is sent with every model that 
comes over, and if the buyers insist on getting the model 
frame with every pattern hat they purchase, the milliner 
can easily copy it; otherwise the measurements must be 
carefully taken, without in the least disarranging the hat. 
  The designer in a frame factory drafts his patterns 
by geometric rules; he has usually plenty of table room. 
The milliner has only limited space, and therefore finds 
a simpler method more expedient; but we will consider 
both methods, that the pupil may use either or both, as 
may seem expedient. 

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