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Ben Yƻsuf, Anna / The art of millinery: a complete series of practical lessons for the artiste and the amateur

Farmer, Charles W.
Preface,   pp. 3-4 PDF (273.5 KB)

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  SEP   1   1 912        TT 
T HERE is no department of women's work more 
      fascinating or more remunerative than millinery, 
      provided she who essays to be a milliner has the 
talent to manipulate materials and an artistic eye for 
the harmonious blending of colors; and yet with all 
these, if there is lacking constructive ability, the road 
to success is impeded and the ambition to become a 
creator of fashion in women's headwear is thwarted 
to no limited extent. To assist those, therefore, who 
possess talent and desire to perfect themselves in the 
practical work of millinery, as well as to extend the 
artistic talent of the trimmer and designer, is the 
aim of the author of this book. No better pen could 
attempt such a task with good promise of success than 
that of Madame Anna Ben-Yfisuf, whose experience 
as an artistic designer in Paris and London, and whose 
ability as a preceptress placed her in charge of public 
and philanthropic institutions in London, where mil- 
linery is taught as a science and where she obtained 
prizes for her work, besides testimonials signed by 
Members of Parliament and heads of great schools 
of learning. Madame Ben-Yfisuf was also for sev- 
eral years a preceptress at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, 
teaching the art of millinery in all its branches with 

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