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Anslow, Florence / Practical millinery

Chapter XVII: Millinery renovations,   pp. 210-[216] PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 210

M    ILLINERY which has lost its first freshness may often be 
      renovated with great advantage and economy. The reno- 
vation may involve the unpicking, cleaning, dyeing and re- 
modelling of all the materials of which the hat is composed, and 
even of remaking of the shape itself in an entirely different, and 
possibly a more up-to-date, style. 
   STEAMING.-Steaming is probably the best means of 
freshening and renewing many millinery items, and it may be 
done in three or more different ways, as described later on. If 
a velvet, felt, or straw hat has been out in a shower of rain, 
steam will often restore the velvet by raising the pile and 
obliterating the spots. It will also freshen and restore the nap 
of a velour, beaver, or hairy felt, as well as cleaning it, and most 
dark coloured straws are both cleaned and stiffened by being held 
so that the steam from a kettle of fast boiling water passes 
through it, from the wrong side to the right. 
   A trimmed hat which has been thoroughly brushed to remove 
the dust may be subjected to this treatment with the greatest 
advantage, providing that there are no tarnishable ornaments 
or trimmings on it. Materials that can be restored by steaming 
include (a) velvet and other fabrics having a pile on their sur- 
face; velvet ribbon; velvet flowers and foliage. (b) Lace, net, 
mourning crape, tulle, feathers and feather trimmings; quills, 
ospreys. (c) Dark-coloured smooth and rough felts, if not made 
very damp ; velour felts, beaver felts, and many classes of cloth. 
(d) Satin straws, Dunstable straws, Tagel plaits, Liserette, wheat 
and other plaits with a smooth surface; chip-plaits, and plaits 
made of rush or grass. 
   Method 1.-To steam successfully, put a small quantity of 

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