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Woman as decoration


Burbank, Emily
Woman as decoration
New York, New York: Dodd, Mead, 1920
xxix, 326 p. illus. 22 cm.

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[Cover] Woman as decoration

[Marbled pages]

[Half-title] Woman as decoration, pp. [i] ff.

[Frontispiece] Plate I, pp. [iii]-[vi]

[Title page] Woman as decoration, pp. [vii]-[viii]

[Dedication] , pp. [ix] ff.

Foreword, pp. xi-xviii

Contents, pp. xix-xxvi

[Contents] Illustrations, pp. xxvii-[xxxi] ff.

Woman as decoration, pp. [xxxiii] ff.

Chapter I: A few hints for the novice who would plan her costumes, pp. 1-22

Chapter II: The laws underlying all costuming of woman, pp. 23-45

Chapter III: How to dress your type, pp. 46-53

Chapter IV: The psychology of clothes, pp. 54-65

Chapter V: Establish habits of carriage which create good line, pp. 66-73

Chapter VI: Colour in woman's costume, pp. 74-84

Chapter VII: Footwear, pp. 85-93

Chapter VIII: Jewelry as decoration, pp. 94-[109] ff.

Chapter IX: Woman decorative in her boudoir, pp. 111-115

Chapter X: Woman decorative in her sun-room, pp. 116-123

Chapter XI: I. Woman decorative in her garden, pp. 124-126

[Chapter XI] II. Woman decorative on the lawn, pp. 126-132

[Chapter XI] III. Woman decorative on the beach, p. 133

Chapter XII: Woman as decoration when skating, pp. 134-144

Chapter XIII: Woman as decorative in her motor car, pp. 145-153

Chapter XIV: How to go about planning a period costume, pp. 154-171

Chapter XV: The story of period costumes. A résumé, pp. 172-191

Chapter XVI: Development of gothic costume, pp. 192-213

Chapter XVII: The Renaissance: sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, pp. 214-232

Chapter XVIII: Eighteenth century, pp. 233-[239] ff.

Chapter XIX: Woman in the Victorian period, pp. 241-243

Chapter XX: Sex in costuming, pp. 244-251

Chapter XXI: Line and colour of costumes in Hungary, pp. 252-264

Chapter XXII: Studying line and colour in Russia, pp. 265-275

Chapter XXIII: Mark Twain's love of colour in all costuming, pp. 276-282

Chapter XXIV: The artist and his costume, pp. 283-291

Chapter XXV: Idiosyncrasies in costume, pp. 292-295

Chapter XXVI: Nationality in costume, pp. 296-305

Chapter XXVII: Models, pp. 306-312

Chapter XXVIII: Woman costumed for her war job, pp. 313-323

In conclusion, pp. 324-326 ff.

[Marbled pages]


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