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United States congressional serial set: surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 88

Oshima the personnel may remain but will be dis-
(c) Provide accommodations, billets and camp
area facilities and utilities for the Supreme Com-
(4) The Japanese Imperial Government and Japa-
nese Imperial Headquarters will require execution of
the following requirements effective 0600 hours [6
A. M.] Aug. 28, 1945:
(a) Make available members of the Imperial Gen-
eral Staff for conference with representatives of the
Supreme Commander for the Allied powers at Atsugi
Airdrome immediately upon arrival and at such times
and places thereafter as may be directed for prompt
settlement of all matters requiring attention.
(b) Make available 125 local guides and inter-
preters familiar with "initial evacuations."
(5) To insure safe entry into Tokyo Bay area, a
Japanese ship will, as soon as practicable and not
later than 0800 hours [8 A. M.] Aug. 26, 1945, meet
United States naval forces twenty miles bearing 135
degrees from Oshima and will lead those forces into
Sagami Wan [Bay] and will supply twelve pilots to
conduct certain forces into Tokyo Bay when and as
directed by the senior United States naval com-
mander present. These pilots will be equipped with
complete charts showing the location of all under-
water defenses, mine fields and other obstructions,
and also all aids to navigation.
(6) The following general measures are being
taken by 0600 hours Aug. 25, 1945, by forces of
the Allied Powers within their several areas of
(a) United Nations aircraft will conduct daylight

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