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United States congressional serial set: surrender of Italy, Germany and Japan, World War II

Part III. Surrender of Japan,   pp. [69]-111 ff.

Page 87

(c) Piloting services will continue to operate in the
Tokyo Bay area and all pilots will be held in their
normal stations ready for service and equipped with
(d) Japanese naval and other personnel concerned
with operation of ports will remain at their stations
and continue to carry out their normal duties.
(e) Immobilize all vessels and craft, of whatever
type, in Tokyo Bay and approaches thereto.
(f) Remove breechlocks from and fully depress
and render inoperative all coast-defense antiaircraft
and other fixed and mobile artillery of all calibers
within the Tokyo Bay area.
(g) Completely disarm all craft in Tokyo Bay area
and render inoperative all weapons, of whatever type,
which may exist in the area of initial evacuations, in
addition to those specifically set forth herein.
(3) The Japanese Imperial Government and Jap-
anese Imperial Headquarters will require execution
of the following requirements effective 1800 hours
Aug. 27, 1945:
(a) Prepare Yokosuka Naval Base for occupation
and possible operation by United States naval units.
(b) Evacuate all combatant units of Japanese
armed forces from the area of initial evacuation and
confine them to limits of their assigned bivouacs.
There is excepted all civil police and gendarmerie,
which will be maintained as necessary to prevent
outbreaks, sniper fire and other overt acts and to
prohibit and prevent any substantial gathering of the
populace. There are also excepted such unarmed
military personnel as are necessary for normal care-
taking functions. Firearms employed by civil police
and gendarmerie will be limited to small arms. On

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