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Reno, Marcus A., 1835-1889, (Marcus Albert) / The official record of a court of inquiry convened at Chicago, Illinois, January 13, 1879, by the President of the United States upon the request of Major Marcus A. Reno, 7th U.S. Cavalry, to investigate his conduct at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, June 25-26, 1876

Twentieth day,   pp. 410-434 PDF (8.8 MB)

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A. It is to wait for orders in regard to unpacking and moving0 We unpacked
    the ammunition mules immediately and then had to pack them up again.
W0 Who ordered you to pack them up?
A. I don't know who gave the order. It appeared to be a general order0
W. Did you hear any firing about that time and if so in what direction?
A. I don't remember hearing any about that time. I think about an hour and
   a half after I got there I heard firing0
Q. Where was the firing?
A. It was down the river0
(4. Describe the sound of it, whether in volleys or not.
A, I remember hearing what I took to be volleys and spoke of it to some of'
   men0 I heard about 4 or 5 volleys0
4. Where did it appear to come from and at what distance?
A. It came from down the river and I thought at the time that it was 21 or
   miles away from the sound. It was not a very plain report of guns.
 . You havc been down to the Custer battlefield?
 A. I was over part of it, not all of it.
 Qa. Where was that firing in reference to that battlefield?
 A. That was the right direction for the firing to come from.
 Q. Where were Major Reno and Capt0 Benteen's commands when you heard the
A. They were on a hill there0
1. Did you see any smoke or dust or other indication of a fight down the
A. I did not notice any0
Q. Could you see the Indians village from where you were?
A. A very few tepees.
Q. How long did that fire last that you speak of as beginning about an hour
   and a half after you got there?
A. I can't tell; the only thing I could go by was the time the Indians came
   back on us on the hills I think probably it lasted an hour and a half
   or 2 hours0
Q. How do you judge by that?
A. There were not many Indians attacking us at the time, and when we came
   they came in force.
Qo During that time you saw no force of Indians about there?
Ae Not at that pointo
s. From which end of the village did the firing apparently come?
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