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Niepage, Martin Dr. / The horrors of Aleppo . . seen by a German eyewitness

The horrors of Aleppo,   pp. [3]-24 PDF (5.9 MB)

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few examples which I give here, recorded in the
numerous reports which have been sent- in to the
Embassy from the German Consulates at Alexan-
dretta, Aleppo and Mosul. The Consuls a-re of
opinion that, so far, probably about one, million
Armenians have perished in the massacres of
the last few months. Of this number, one must
reckon that at least half are women and children
who have- either been murdered or have suc-
cumbed to starvation.
It is a duty of conscience to bring these
things into publicity, and, although the Turkish
Government, in destroying the Armenian -nation,
may only be pursuing objects of internal policy,
the tay this policy is being carried out has many
of the characteristics of a general persecution of
-All the tens of thousands of girls and'women
who have been. carried off into Turkish harens,
and the masses of- children who have been col-
lected by the Government and distributed among
the Turks and Kurds, are lost to- Christendom,
adL have to accept Islam. The abusive epithet
"'giaour" is now heard once again by -German
..0                  ~~~~~~-A -  -opa
At Adana I saw a crowd of Armenian orphans
'marching through -the, streets under a guard of
Turkish- soldiers;  their parents have been
slaughtered and the children have to become
Mohanmedans. - EverywhereI there have been
cases in which adult Armenians were- able to
WtVe their -lives by, reainess to accept Islam.

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