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Morgenthau, Henry / The tragedy of Armenia

The greatest horror in history,   pp. 3-[16] ff. PDF (4.0 MB)

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do similar menial work. Then, under pretext
of searching the houses for arms, they pillaged
the belongings of the villagers. They requi-
sitioned for the use of their army all that they
could get from the Armenians, without paying
for it. They asked them to make exorbitant
contributions for the benefit of the National
Defence Committee.
The final and worst measure used against the
Armenians was the wholesale deportation of the
entire population from their homes and their
exile to the desert, with all the accompanying
horrors on the way. No means were provided
for their transportation or nourishment. The
victims, who included educated men and wo-
men of standing, had to walk on foot, exposed
to the attacks of bands of criminals especially
organised for that purpose. Homes were literally
uprooted; families were separated; men killed,
women and girls violated daily on the way or
taken to harems. Children were thrown into
the rivers or sold to strangers by their mothers
to save them from starvation. The facts con-
tained in the reports received at the Embassy from
absolutely trustworthy eyewitnesses surpass the
most beastly and diabolical cruelties ever before
perpetrated or imagined in the history of the world.
The Turkish authorities had stopped all com-

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